MANGO or kel & she . ve & transmasc & bi & nd

hyperfixted on cookie run & my spin is lost media ( boing sound effect ) i also like splatoon + mafumafu + omori + genshin + alotta other stuff

click here to learn more abt me and click here for my dni

uhh ya hi my name isss kel :D my pronouns are she / ve / it and I’m an estp and I’m white and I’m um Idk what else to say Just get to know me I guess

Also I’m kind of delusional sorry 😭 I appear as kel omori + bennett genshin impact +mango cookie cookie run + hori kyoko horimiya that’s all

I love drawing and I love complaining about stuff to strangers on the internet Also i love getting paid here are my commissions ( click here ) ^___^ also if you’re somehow carrd url surfing I’m herosloshereplica on the gram


dni cishets + you get into drama a lot LEAVE ME ALONE PLZ !!! + lgbt discoursers GET A LIFE DUDE …

Also plz tag harm to sharks + discussion of hospital visits and audios of arguing